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Time Lines

Diversified Jewelry Development -- Innovate Value and Return to Society

The Exitoso brand has officially entered mainland China

Yipinjia Jewelry Factory was established in Panyu, Guangdong


Become a special jewelry supplier for Chinese chain

brand Xinhan City 

Guangzhou Liwan Square flagship store officially opened

Louier Jewelry Co. Ltd. was established  

Guangdong Keshikese Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established 


Dubai's Exitoso flagship store opens in the Middle East and Africa

Several million yuan of anti-COVID-19 supplies have been provided to Middle East and Africa 


The Greater China brand agent, Ms. Sooying Tsang, founded Epinepin to fully explore the Chinese market

Taiwan Zongzong Jewelry to explore the Southeast Asian market

Authorized by Swarovski element production

Became the special jewelry supplier of Baiyintang, a Chinese chain brand

Nengfeng emerald jewelry brand officially set sail

Jiangxi Taijinxian Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. officially listed

Achieve strategic cooperation with Winiwa Jewelry