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Fleeting like lightning. Conveying the Olympic spirit: high concentration,

breakthrough and miracle.



Phoenix’s nirvana symbolizes that after a long wait and suffering of life, the phoenix is reborn, gorgeous and dazzling, and soars freely in the sky.


The beauty of nature is endless, and this natural feature is perpetuated with brilliant jewelry.  Each of our four pieces is set with colourful gemstones in a variety of colours, showing rich colors and bold colors, as well as echoing the fearless design concept of the work. 


 Stick to the original intention, stay true to natural colors, keep going towards the sun, and enjoy it with you. The five different levels of color matching and jewelry design provide the work with a strong appeal and a great dynamic sense of life lingering on the chest.  

New Jewelry
Handcrafted, creativity and unparalleled design

New Collection
A display of artisanal excellence,extraordinary gems and sophisticated design

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