Discover the poetry of this moment by diving 

into the story of our EXITOSO Jewelry Sets.


"This is my favorite color, and its extremely bright color represents a form of life, possesses the roughness and simplicity, strength and indomitability, and elegance and nobility of the countryside. That's what I feel strongly" - Van Gogh

This jewelry piece by EXITOSO Jewelry designer Richard pays homage to  Stick to the original intention, keep your true colors, all the way to the sun, and enjoy with you.

This Jewelry was designed by the EXITOSO Jewelry designer Richard in honor of the classic masterpieces of the great artist Van Gogh<Zonnebloemen>. Stick to the original intention, stay true to natural colors, keep going towards the sun, and enjoy it with you.

The five different levels of color matching and jewelry design provide the work with a strong appeal and a great dynamic sense of life lingering on the chest. The work is inlaid with White Cubic Zirconia Diamond, Blue Spinel, Green Spinel and Red Corundum. The shape of the earrings and bracelet is inspired by the sunflowers in the oil painting, combined with the exquisite wax setting process and the excellent 18K gold plating process, making the petals delicate and realistic, with unique texture. The whole work is brilliant and vibrant under the sunlight.

We only keep a sunflower to highlight the brilliance and beauty of the gem in the ring. The center of the ring is studded with Red Corundum, which is as stereoscopic and orderly as sunflower seeds, presenting a reasonable level change. Like a flower in the wild, gentle and warm, we sincerely wish you who wear this masterpiece like a sunflower, born to the sun, chasing your dreams.