Discover the poetry of this moment by diving 

into the story of our EXITOSO Jewelry Sets.


Thistle – the national flower of Scotland. In ancient Rome, the invading enemy happened to step on an thistle outside the city wall, the enemy cried out under great pain, which woke the Scots to saw through the enemy's sneak attack. Josephine, the design director of The EXITOSO Jewelry, celebrated the independence, courage and resilience of Scots  with White Cubic Zirconia Diamond, Green Spinel, Blue Spinel and Purple Spinel.

The beauty of nature is endless, and this natural feature is perpetuated with brilliant jewelry. Each of our four pieces is set with colourful gemstones in a variety of colours, showing rich colors and bold colors, as well as echoing the fearless design concept of the work. The silky gold filigree shape reflects craftsmanship and complements the spaced design on the necklace. The sparkle of the jewelry is completely unmasked when sliping into your fingers and putting on your wrist.

Thistle symbolizes strict specificity and a happy family, and sincerely wishes you to be brave, confident and harvest a beautiful and happy love when wearing this masterpiece.