Discover the poetry of this moment by diving 

into the story of our EXITOSO Jewelry Sets.


Since ancient times, it is said that this pure Blue Spinel is the treasure of the fairies in the sea. It was pushed ashore by the waves and obtained by humans who gave it a beautiful name - The tear of Mermaid. Designed by chief designer Josephine, this work invites you to feel the calm, clear and healing power of the ocean.

This work upholds the EXITOSO Jewelry's outstanding craftsmanship and unique design concept, presenting a unique jewelry art.The magnificent cabochon Blue Spinels are stacked in necklace, which are rich in color and intertwined with gorgeous works, symbolizing the meaning of the fishermen returning home with fruitful results. The gentleness and power of the ocean are perfectly interpreted in the design of the ring. The interlaced Blue Spinels in the center are like waves crashing on the shore, endless and powerful. To interpret the calm and healing power of the ocean, we added White Cubic Zirconia Diamond and Turquoise to the bracelet and earrings respectively. The simple and elegant design makes people wander under the blue sea and beautiful sky with bright sunshine, baptizing the most free soul in the heart.

We sincerely wish you, who wear this masterpiece, can reap this peaceful and warm energy. Facing the sea, spring blooms.

The Tear of Mermaid