Discover the poetry of this moment by diving 

into the story of our EXITOSO Jewelry Sets.


Fatimah, designer of The EXITOSO JEWELRY, and her team created a series of high-grade jewelry necklaces to pay tribute to the spirit of modern women.


It is also the longest group of works designed by Fatimah’s team, and the whole design took more than 1,000 hours. This work reflects the self-consistency and elegance of independent females, and conveys a positive attitude of not only pleasing others but also self-pleasing, wishing females can live on their own ways.


EXITOSO takes Phoenix as the concrete inspiration to make the design extension, and fully display the female values advocated by the brand, that is elegance, freedom, self-confidence and tolerance in the works.


Phoenix’s nirvana symbolizes that after a long wait and suffering of life, the phoenix is reborn, gorgeous and dazzling, and soars freely in the sky.


The design of the necklace aims to explain the two spiritual powers of women in the new era, namely, gentleness, restraint and perseverance, which shine separately and shine for each other.


The Red Corundum in the center is particularly eye-catching. The designer uses Marquise Cut technology to almost perfectly enlarge the color, clarity and luster of the gemstone. May you wear it as bright, brilliant and attractive as we wish.