Discover the poetry of this moment by diving 

into the story of our EXITOSO Jewelry Sets.


This work was designed by Richard, designer of EXITOSO Jewelry, and was inspired by the 100-meter dash event of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: athletes are fleeting like lightning. This element is fully reflected in the work, and it also conveys the Olympic spirit: high concentration, breakthrough and miracle.


Richard outlined a perfect arc with Z-shaped geometric lines, and polished with exquisite craftsmanship. The matte metal texture on the surface of the work presented blows people’s mind. In order to show the quick and keen visual effect, Richard specially adopted the Channel Setting technique and inlaid White Cubic Zirconia with a total weight of over 60g, which made the neat and smooth visual effect more prominent.


The earrings are designed to resemble Olympic torches, conveying the spirit of peace and friendship, which is moving. We sincerely wish you who wear this work can be invincible and brave in your life.