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Exitoso History

EXITOSO--A legend of ingenuity derived from the European royal jewelry lineage.


In Europe in the mid-17th century, clothing in baroque and rococo art styles prevailed among upper-class celebrities. Ladies and gentlemen often attend all kinds of dances and banquets, and enjoy opera and music performances at the opera house, so they also pay particularly attention to fashion taste in clothing and jewelry, and use this social place to show their status and power symbols. All of a sudden, this fashion is very popular in continental Europe. The founder of the EXITOSO brand was keenly aware of the fashion elements of the style and the trend of jewelry evolution, and began to concentrate on researching matching jewelry. With advanced design concept, exquisite craftsmanship, perfect private customization and excellent personalized service, the founder of EXITOSO leads the team to make the "EXITOSO" brand deep into thousands of households in Europe and the United States.


As the artistic style of the European continent is updated and iterated, the eastern and western cultures are increasingly exchanged and merged. Accordingly, the successors of EXITOSO have also begun to incorporate Chinese style elements into their jewelry designs. This spark collision between the East and the West gave birth to a great jewelry company.